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This classic e-book from 1898 has been digitally switched over to downloadable layout. a very good vintage for the house or lecture room, an engaging out of date reference ebook, and an exceptional find.

Chap. I. Nature and writer of Protestantism, p. 15 Chap. II. motives of Luther's new Creed, p. 17. Chap. III. Luther required to retract through Cardinal Cajetan, p. 19. Chap. IV. Luther judged through the colleges of Paris, &c.,p. 21. Chap. V. Luther brought up via the secular strength, p. 23. Chap. VI. Luther's mode of delivering his Church with monks, p. 26.
Chap. I. God no longer the writer of the switch of faith, p. 28. Chap. II. Luther's language to the Emperor and the Pope, p. 30. Chap. III. Luther's doctrine now not of God, p. 32. Chap. IV. Luther's schism now not caused by means of God, p. 34. Chap. V. capability utilized by Luther now not from God, p. 36. Chap. VI. What then are Luther's fans obliged to ? p. 38.
Chap. i. To be kept we has to be individuals of the genuine Church — the real Church is that which used to be tested eighteen hundred years in the past, and has existed unceasingly for the reason that that point, p. forty. Chap. II. In what Church will we locate those marks of fact? p. forty three Chap. III. Can Protestants inform the place and what used to be the real Church earlier than Luther's time? p. forty five. Chap. IV. What of the Hussites and Veudois? p. forty seven. Chap. V. leader marks of the genuine Church — its team spirit, p. 50. Chap. VI. Holiness, p. fifty five. Chap. VII. Catholicity, p fifty nine. Chap. VIII. Apostolicity, p. sixty six.
RULE of religion.
Chap. I. Divine religion — its traits and necessity, p. seventy three Chap. II. religion of Protestants, now not enterprise, yet choked with doubt, p. seventy five. Chap. III. they aren't sure that their Bible is freed from mistakes, p. seventy eight. Chap. IV. they aren't yes as to the experience of the Bible, p. eighty one. Chap. V. characteristics of the Catholic rule of religion, p. eighty four. Chap. VI. culture as hooked up with the guideline of religion, p. 86.
Chap. I. they don't adhere to it within the subject of God's commandments, p. 88. Chap. II. Neither do they almost about religion, p. ninety. Chap. III. Nor do they on coverage, p. ninety two. Chap. IV. They abide no longer via it as regards the Church, p. ninety five. Chap. V. Nor almost about Scripture, p. ninety seven. Chap. VI. extra proofs that they're no longer guided by means of Scripture by myself, p. one hundred and one
Chap. I. moment individual of the Blessed Trinity, p. 103. Chap. II. What we owe to Jesus Christ, p. 103. Chap. III. Catholics glorify Christ greater than Protestants do, p. one zero five. Chap. IV. Catholics don't abandon Christ by means of asking the prayers of the saints, p. 107 Chap. V. The invocation of saints is Scriptural, p. 109 Chap. VI.The antiquity of the perform, p. a hundred and ten
COMMUNION less than ONE variety.
Chap. I. Reception of either forms no longer useful, p. 117 Chap. II. Salvation promised to the reception of 1 style, p. 113. Chap. III. The early and natural Church frequently administered lower than one type in basic terms, p. 114. Chap. IV. textual content, Matth. xvi.— "Drink ye all of this," replied, p. 116. Chap. V. extra respond to an obstinate Protestant, p. 118
Chap. I. necessities of the Mass instituted through Christ, p. 129. Chap. II. Sacrifices of the previous legislations, p. a hundred twenty five. Chap. III. Mass a real, propitiatory sacrifice, p. 127
Chap. I. basic proofs of the lifestyles of a center nation, p. one hundred thirty. Chap. II. Proofs from the hot testomony, p. 132 Chap. III. Proofs from culture, p. 136.
Chap. I. what's it? — How is the sinner justified? p. 138. Chap. II. What half has religion in justification? p. 139. Chap. Chap. III. Can one in mortal sin advantage heaven? p. 142. Chap, it What supplies their worth to stable works? p. one hundred forty four. Chap. IV. Can guy fulfill for his personal sins ? p. 146.

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